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 Hickory Community Theatre encourages people of all races, ethnicities, identities, body types, physical and cognitive abilities to audition. Theatre is for everyone, and HCT believes in representation and equity for all. 


Monday, June 12 at 6:30pm
Tuesday, June 13 at 6:30pm

Singers of all ethnicities between the ages of 18 - 60 with great comedic timing, physical comedy a plus.

Those wishing to audition should prepare to sing two selections: 32 bars of a comedic song and 32 bars of a ballad (
accompanist will be provided).
Cold readings from the script may follow if needed. 


REEBEE DEDOO DADA is a new musical adaptation of the children's book of the same name. The story of song and the freedom to be oneself! Zazzie is a jazzy cat who loves to sing, and sing she does! But Rex the Rat cannot sing, and if he can't, neither will anyone else! REEBEE DEDOO DADA is a tale about bullying and how it takes a village to beat one. This world premiere stage reading will be a part of THE ART OF COMPASSION SYMPOSIUM.

Performances are scheduled for September 29, 2023 at Hickory Community Theatre & September 30, 2023 at the The Green Room Community Theatre.

Adapted and directed by

And Adapted from the book by FIELY MATIAS

For more information about this Off Broadway writing/directing team:


Read about the creators of DISENCHANTED!


Age mid 20s to early 40s – Female identifying

A talented cat who absolutely loves to sing! Otherwise timid and shy, she shines in the spotlight - a consummate entertainer when on the stage. Everybody’s friend, kind, and forgiving. Great vocals, subtle comedienne. Range: Mezzo-soprano, soprano.

Age early 20s to early 30s – Any gender identity

A lovable, high-energy rabbit. Zazzie’s stage manager and best friend. The comic relief who often sings out of turn and cracks awkward jokes. A wannabe stand-up comedian who needs a bit more practice and better timing. Goofy, great character vocals, physical comedian. Range: Tenor/Soprano.

Age 30s to 50s – Male identifying,

A rat with a penchant for being overly critical. Starting out as the story’s main villain, the bully, Rex, with the help of Zazzie, finds his true calling in life - he loves to dance! Cantankerous, old vaudevillian (with an emphasis on the ‘villain’ part of ‘vaudevillian’) but does have a funny bone and heart. Range: Baritone-Tenor.

They are twins (the characters, not necessarily the actors) and may be played by any gender pairing.

Twin gophers in loafers. Think the Abbot and Costello of gopher-dom, the Laurel and Hardy of the animal kingdom. Though twins, they have different passions and talents; they celebrate each other’s individuality. Big-hearted. Think classic comedy teams: Stiller & Meara, Burns & Allen, Abbott & Costello, Lucy & Ethel, and yes, even Fred & Barney (lol)! A pair of siblings that finish each other’s sentences yet celebrate their differences/individuality. Range: Alto-Mezzo Soprano/ Baritone-Tenor.


Any Age, Any Gender Idenity.

This is a CHORUS of animal characters, Zazzie’s and Kirby’s friends. The CHORUS plays a variety of roles throughout. Whether it’s a Squirrel, Opossum, Mice, Raccoon, Flamingo, Puppy, or Birds (any animals one would find in a city alleyway will do!)

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