Clay has been most fortunate to have had the opportunity to create many environments for which many stories, through the wonderful work of the authors, who provide the scripts, and the actors, who bring the characters to life, have been told. That is stage design. From east coast to west coast, he has been blessed with the chance to work with an incredible and talented array of artists. Clay has had the fortune to work in a variety of venues with many different artists, enjoying fully the art of collaboration which is inherent in a theatrical production. From small hemp house theaters in Jacksonville, FL., to black box theaters in San Leandro, CA. to large counterweight houses in San Francisco, and amphitheaters in Oakland, he has always jumped at the chance to create another environment. From 1979-81 Hickory Community Theater was his starting ground in Stage Design. He came back in 2006-2013, and a third time from 2018-Present. It is a joy to work with the many, many talented artists and in an incredibly beautiful space.