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 Hickory Community Theatre encourages people of all races, ethnicities, identities, body types, physical and cognitive abilities to audition. Theatre is for everyone, and HCT believes in representation and equity for all. 



ANYA: (Any Ethnicity, 20’s) G3-F5, Belt to D5. Disney-esque Soprano. Brave, fiery, witty, and above all determined. With no memory of her life before age 17 and having lived through the horrors of the Russian Revolution, Anya jumps at the sound of gunshots and is mistrustful of strangers, but there is steel hiding just beneath the surface. Strong-willed and compassionate.

DMITRY: (Any Ethnicity, Late 20’s) A2-G4. “Baritenor." A scoundrel with a heart of gold. A street rat who grew into a conman, Dmitry does all he does to get out of poverty and is not above lying, cheating, and stealing to do so–that is until he meets Anya.

VLADIMIR "VLAD" POPOV: (Any Ethnicity, Mid 40's-50's) A2-F4. Comic Baritone. Dmitry’s partner in crime (literally) and surrogate father. Before the revolution he scammed his way through society pretending to be a count. Vlad is dramatic, crafty, and a big softie at heart. While he, like Dmitry, is not above lying, cheating, and stealing, he cares greatly for his loved ones and is generally affable, though he can be calculating when he needs to be.

DEPUTY COMMISSIONER GLEB VAGANOV: (Any Ethnicity, Late 20's-Mid 30's) A2-Gb4. Baritone. the villain of the show (but he’s very much the hero of his own story). He fully believes in the Communist ideals he follows. Loyal, honest, and hard working, but a deeply conflicted person, Gleb’s infatuation (and borderline obsession) with Anya leads to his battle with the idea of doing one’s duty vs. doing what is right.

COUNTESS LILY MALEVSKY-MALEVITCH (Any Ethnicity, 40's) G3-C5 (Briefly sings a B5 at the end of Land of Yesterday). Based on Lili Dehn- a real life Russian countess who was a family friend of the Romanovs. The lady in waiting to the Dowager Empress. She has been by the Dowager’s side since before the revolution. Lily is clever, dutiful, and above all fun.

DOWAGER EMPRESS MARIA FEDOROVNA ROMANOV (Any Ethnicity, 60+) F3-Bb4. A regal Mezzo.

The Dowager Empress has lost everything she once held dear and must now put up with imposter upon imposter never allowing her to grieve in peace. She is icy, proud, and regal (not to mention intimidating) to all but her family. Though, she does have a very sharp wit.

YOUNG ANASTASIA (Any Ethnicity, 6-10) C4-C5. The willful, brave, proud, and precocious youngest daughter of the Tsar. She has a special bond with her grandmother (whom she calls Nana).

ALEXEI (Any Ethnicity, 10-14) C4-C5. The Tsarevich (Heir to the throne) and only boy of the Romanov siblings. He suffered from debilitating hemophilia that often left him bed-ridden.

ENSEMBLE (Any Ethnicity, 10-60+). A vast array of featured characters including Townsfolk, Royal Servants, Bolshevik Officers and Soldiers, Parisians, Reporters, and Aristocrats. Featured Ensemble Roles Include: The Romanov sisters, Teen Anya, Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Fedoronvna, Swan Lake performers. And more.

Monday, Sept 18 at 6:00pm
Tuesday, Sept 19 at 6:00pm

(Potential call back date: Wednesday, Sept 20)


A large cast with many stand out roles. Strong vocal performers, dancers, and actors with both dramatic and comedic abilities.


Those wishing to audition should come dressed to move for the initial dance audition (not all roles are dance based) and with a 16 bar selection to sing. Please bring your music with you, and accompanist will be provided. There may be some cold readings from prepared selections of the script, time permitting.


ANASTASIA Book by Terrance McNally, Music by Stephen Flaherty, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens

Performance dates November 24 - December 16, 2023
Directed by Carver Johns
Musical Direction by Jessica Cockroft

From the creators of RAGTIME and inspired by the 1996 animated film this dazzling show transports its audience from the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s, as a brave young woman sets out to discover the mystery of her past. With the aid of a dashing con man and a lovable ex-aristocrat, they embark on an epic adventure to help her find home, love and family.




THE AMAZING KARNAK: (Non-signing, any Ethnicity, male-identifying, 35-55) The narrator; a mechanical fortune-telling machine.

OCEAN O'CONNELL ROSENBERG: (Any Ethnicity, female-identifying, 18-25) The leader of the group, relentlessly competitive, sometimes cruel, though she sees herself as a virtuous person; high Broadway mix, with a pop quality; big range.

MISHA BACHINSKI: (Any Ethnicity, male-identifying, 18-25 ) Adopted from the Ukraine as a teenager; has thick Ukrainian dialect and a lot of rage; is obsessed by Gansgsta Rap (an enormous fan of the auto-tune phenomena); there is a hidden, soulful romantic side; Baritenor with the ability to sing lyrical Ukrainian folk music as well rap.

NOEL GRUBER: (Any Ethnicity, male-identifying, 18-25 ) The only gay kid in Uranium; never had a relationship; obsessed by French New Wave cinema, has fantasies of dying a tragic death. Sings a song in the style of a French chanteuse.

RICKY POTTS: (Any Ethnicity, male-identifying, 18-25 ) Begins the play wordless and on crutches; suffers from a degenerative disease that has left him speechless and mostly immobile; he discovers at the beginning of the play that in this strange purgatory, he has regained all of these abilities. Baritone rock voice; basic accordion and/or tumbling a plus.

CONSTANCE BLACKWOOD: (Any Ethnicity, female-identifying, 18-25 ) Plus sized, and outwardly okay with it, but there is a very deep self-loathing. Will do anything for Ocean's friendship and allows herself to be used as a doormat; dubbed "the nicest girl in town," a title she secretly despises. Very likable comic actress; alto belt, with a rock edge.

JANE DOE: (Any Ethnicity, female-identifying, 18-25 ) She was decapitated in the accident and no one claimed her body; even though she isn't headless in the piece (but often carries around a headless doll). She reacts in a literal way and largely without emotion, almost robot-like; the other contestants are totally freaked out by her. Classically trained soprano with a flexible coloratura upper range, and some grit and meat in the lower register.

Sunday, Nov 5 at 6:00pm
Monday, Nov 6 at 6:00pm

(Potential call back date: Wednesday, Nov 8)


3 female-identifying performers (playing age 18-25)

3 male-identifying performers (playing age 18-25)
1 male-identifying performer (playing age 35-55 - non singing)
Anyone under the age of 18 wishing to audition will need a parent or guardian to accompanying them to the audition to sign a permission form.


Those wishing to audition (except those for Karnak) should come dressed to move for the initial dance audition and with one of the provided selections from the show to sing. (YOU CAN VIEW/ DOWNLOAD SELECTIONS HERE.) An accompanist will be provided. There may be some cold readings from prepared selections of the script, time permitting. Those wising to audition for the role of Karnak will participate in cold readings from the script.


RIDE THE CYCLONE Music, Book, and Lyrics by Brooke Maxwell
& Jacob Richmond

Performance dates January 19 - February 10, 2024
Directed by Eric Seale
Musical Direction by Joey Nuhfer

In this hilarious and outlandish story, the lives of six teenagers from a Canadian chamber choir are cut short in a freak accident aboard a roller coaster. When they awake in limbo, a mechanical fortune teller invites each to tell a story to win a prize like no other, the chance to return to life. A funny, moving look at what makes a life well-lived!




BOBSLED COSTAS: A sportscaster for the Reindeer Games, can be an elf or human.

REIN ROBERTS: A boisterous reindeer sportscaster, with antlers!

COACH KRIS KRINGLE: Aka Santa Claus, runs the show, a bit too set in his ways sometimes.

COACH CAROL KRINGLE: Aka Mrs. Claus, compassionate and caring, but a cunning strategist.


ELVIS: Judge at the games; co-manager of Elfin operations for
North Pole, Inc. Ella’s brother

ELLA: Another judge; co-manages North Pole, Inc. with her brother.

LIGHTNING: The fastest reindeer in the northern hemisphere.

HALLEY: Has a stellar, strong arm and an uncle who works for Santa.

HOPPER: Top-notch, non-stop hopper; bouncy persona.

PEPPY: Stylish, competitive cheerleader with endless enthusiasm and optimism.

BEAUMONT: Charismatic heartthrob who lacks work ethic but is surprisingly graceful.

SHREDDER: Gnarly snowboarder dude from Colorado by way of Canada.

CHEDDAR: Thought he was signing up for a cooking competition; nonathletic.

THUNDER: A bit of an oaf; strong; looks suspiciously like a moose...

RUDI: A runt; smaller than the others, but confident and bright; a bit of a kiss up.

DASHER: One of Santa’s original "Nifty Nine" retiring following an injury; acts as a guest judge for the games.

DANCER: Another original crew member; Dasher’s bestie; also a judge.

PRANCER, CUPID, DONNER, VIXEN, BLITZEN, & COMENT: Original crew-members of "The Nifty Nine."

RODOLFO: Another reindeer; this one bears a striking resemblance to a renown reindeer with a similar name...

Monday, Oct 23 at 6:00pm
Tuesday, Oct 24 at 6:00pm


Actors age 8 -60+ 15-25 roles available,
with potential doubling.


Those wishing to audition should come dressed to move. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.


REINDEER GAMES by Jeremy Johnson

Performance dates December 9 & 16 (Public Shows)

December 12, 13, & 14 (School Shows)
Directed by Gary T. Moore

Pulling Santa’s sleigh is hard work. When team leader Dasher decides to retire, coaches Kris and Carol Kringle host the Reindeer
Games to find the next member of Santa’s reindeer crew.


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