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The mission of The Guild at Hickory Community Theatre is to support the Staff and Board of Directors; to enhance the theatre goers’ experience; and to promote an awareness of the theatre within the community.

The Guild at HCT consists of volunteers from all segments of the community. Some members become actively involved with the Guild and the theatre, while others support the organization through their annual dues. Whatever the intent, we welcome all members.

HCT 2021 HCT Guild_edited.jpg
  • The Guild represents the highest level of volunteerism at HCT. Guild members, in addition to their individual volunteer service, collectively complete projects to improve the appeal and function of the Theatre.

  • Originally called “the Footlighters” years earlier, the Guild was restarted in 2004 and named simply “The Guild@HCT.”

  • The Guild currently has over 50 members who participate in a variety of HCT events and fundraisers.

  • Membership is open to everyone.

  • If you’re looking for a way to be more involved with HCT, meet new friends and give back to your community, consider joining today.

With the 73rd season underway, we hope to welcome new members and continue our service projects, social gatherings, and fund raising events.

Annual dues for The Guild at HCT are: $20 per person, or $35 per couple.

Meetings are held the second Monday of each month in The Council Chambers at 6:30 p.m. For additional information on how you can become a part of this active support group for Hickory Community Theatre, email here.

The Guild at HCT offers its continued gratitude to Christine Stinson, Guild Member and HCT Administrative Director, for her guidance and support.

2022-2023 Guild at HCT Officers:

Sue Mulay - President

Dan Rink - Vice President

Alice McDonough - Secretary

George Clay -Treasurer

  • Hosted the Kay Awards

  • Approved $1,000 toward elevator repair

  • Purchased six folding tables for the theatre ($385)

  • Co-producer of “Ripcord” ($2,000)

  • Gold sponsor of Vacation Extravaganza ($1,000)

  • Many Guild members assisted with building all sets

  • Guild members assisted with sewing costumes for many shows

  • Guild members volunteer at every production in box office, concessions and/or as ushers

  • Assisted with 4 theatre bulk mailings

  • Held Wine Tasting fundraiser where members donated food, decorated, served drinks and food.

  • Assisted with Centennial Celebration of City Hall.

  • Decorated theatre for holiday season.

  • Assisted with year-end thank you calls to donors.

  • Held our Holiday Party

  • Agreed to sell paper necklaces made by Women of Uganda resulting in a $600 donation

  • Held Beer Tasting fundraiser where members donated food, decorated, and served drinks.

  • Assisted with Vacation Extravaganza planning, Proofread Bidding Site, Donated items to silent auction, Organized and Donated to Wine Pull, Helped with setting up, Assisted with ticket pull, Remained for cleanup

  • Assisted with Easter Egg Hunt held by the Hickory Downtown Development Association

  • Participated in preparation for Rocky Horror Show

  • Involved in planning retirement party for Clay

  • Assisted with Reveal Party

  • Assisted with Inventory of Costume Shop

  • Held our Year End Party with special recognition of Clay's retirement

Guild accomplishments 2021-2022


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